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Price Policy

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Our own pricesOur Partners’ Prices

Our Own Prices

Our own prices only apply to products and services offered by ourselves and payable to us.

With our own prices, we must try to comply with the special conditions of Internet, the legal framework of remote commerce, and the expectations of our users.

This means that we only see a real chance of commercial success in calculating very low prices, adding a large range of charge-free offers, and going on with a certain procedural audacity.

There will be all the more suspense as a one person’s enterprise is far from having the same financial and human resources as a big company.

In the beginning, we will only be working our way towards reasonable solutions for a lot of foreseeable problems, and we will probably have to pay our toll. This explains why we are launching a still uncomplete “skeleton” of an Internet site to be able to adjust it in close contact with our partners, authors, and users.

Obviously this situation will have a direct impact on possible royalties.

Our Partners’ Prices

Our partners’ prices apply to products and services for which this Internet site only has a mediator’s role.

As we do not have any influence on these prices, we only pass them on to our users.

But we will try to accept only such offers which seem to be advantageous for our users.

Hans-Rudolf Hower, 2002

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Last updated: April 2, 2016