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For any offer which is not free of charge for our users, the author will merit and obtain a reward.

But as each offer may come along with different difficulties, efforts, and other conditions, royalties will always be a matter of negociation.

That is why every offer must be discussed individually.

Please note our price policy, which will have immediate impact on royalties.

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Start-up Period

During the start-up period - not yet left unfortunately - it is particularly important for us to find authors who are willing to participate in the entrepreneurial risk renouncing garanteed minimum royalties in favour of royalties being paid according to the real turnover.

This means that all projects that are wanted to be profitable very soon will have to be geared to the requirements of the market. It can be useful to aim at a particular market segment, e.g. highschools or adult education.

As soon as some projects have good results, agreements about garanteed minimum royalties may become possible.

Hans-Rudolf Hower, 2002


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Last updated: April 2, 2016