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Our Partnerships – What Are They Good For?

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Many pages offer external links to some companies that are partners of our site. These partnerships, what are they good for?

We don't want to convince you to shop at our partners' sites. But if you're used to shopping there at any rate, it would be nice and useful to do so starting from a page. Doing so, you won't lose anything because you'll pay our partners' original prices anyway. On the other hand you'll thus contribute to the maintenance and the further development of our site because will get a small remuneration for anything you buy or book using our partner links.

The realization and the development of a site as extensive and versatile as costs a lot of working hours and money. Without any personal costs you can help the site continue to live and improve – which will finally be to your advantage.

You will see examples of partner links here below as well as on many other pages, including the home page.

Important: respects your need of protection of your privacy. For more details, see Privacy.


Want to go on vacation to the Côte d'Azur (French Riviera)?   Fine!   But were to stay?

Whether you're looking for a room, a flat, a holiday home, a boat, a hotel, a farm, a guest house
or any other accomodation, with full, half or no board, you can find it on:


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Want to have a little shopping tour? Here we go!

Use the research of your favorite amazon site! You can search for different criteria
(e. g. product group, designation, author's name, title, ISBN / ASIN number).
There will never be any obligation to buy.

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