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Inscriptions of the Antarctic

Vostok Greeting the Rest of the World

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On Wednesday, August 21st, 2002, the first channel (ARD) of the German Television sent a small sequence about the Russian antarctic station named Vostok (this means “East”). In this sequence the crew of the station was briefly seen showing a large white banner containing an inscription in cyrillic letters to receive the new arrivals.

As this sequence (or one of the same type) might also be sent by other TV channels and as the Russian language might not be understood by everybody, I am giving you the text and its translation here.

In this location there should be a photo of the banner, but I do not have any. If you have already been in Vostok (nothing is impossible nowadays) and you took a picture of the team with the banner, please send it to us (click here or use the Contacts page). Thank you!

Original Text

Russian text

Approximate Transcription

Vostok privetstvuyet vas


Vostok is greeting you

Hans-Rudolf Hower 2002

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