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Inscriptions of Europe

Inscriptions of Spain


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Spain is one of the favorite touristic destinations in Europe and one can find interesting inscriptions in many places. Unfortunately they are often difficult to read or understand. We hope our pages can help you a little.

If travelling in Spain once more you find interesting inscriptions on the wayside or on house walls, you should immediately photograph them and send them to us. Thus all of our interested surfers can benefit from them, and we all will perhaps learn something new. By the way, any additional information you can get on the ground can be precious.


Autonomous Community / City
(Comunidad / ciudad autónoma)


Place (Lugar)

Islas Canarias (Canary Islands)

Las Palmas


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Official touristic site of the Spanish tourist office.


In the English Wikipedia.

Detailed encyclopaedic article on Spain.

Marcha Real (Royal March)

In the English Wikipedia.

Detailed encyclopaedic article on the national anthem of Spain.

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For our presentation of Spanish books, see Spanish Literature (German).

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