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Poetry Day in Wageningen (NL), in 2008

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Wageningen is a Dutch university town near Arnheim (Arnhem), east of Utrecht. As every year, in 2008 it participates in the National Poetry Day.

In 2008 the Wageningen Poetry Day (31 January, in the public library) is mainly dedicated to the poetical works of Laurens van der Zee, who is living and working in the town of Wageningen.

The following pages present selected poems and short prose written by Laurens van der Zee and, for the Poetry Day, translated into various languages spoken in Wageningen. This to underline the international character of the town.


Poems and Texts

I dreamt that it snowed (Ik droomde dat het sneeuwde)

I was so Alone in the City (Ik voelde me zo alleen in de stad)

Interference (Storing)

The Lonely Wolf (De eenzame wolf)

The Pinnacle (De absolute top)

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Van de warme dichter (in Englisch)

by Laurens van der Zee

Collection of the English translation of various poems and short prose as well as biographical data on the poet.


in English Wikipedia

Encyclopedic article on Laurens van der Zee's home town.

Wageningen University

in English Wikipedia

Encyclopedic article on the university of Wageningen, whose students contribute a lot to the international charakter of the town.

Wageningen Universiteit en Researchcentrum

Wagening University

Site of the Wageningen university (in Dutch and English).

Laurens van der Zee 2008

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